Jieun Choi
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South Korea's Plus-Size Women: Break the 48kg Myth

“Don’t girls normally weigh less than 50kg?” “If you weigh over 50, how can talk openly about your weight?” “ARE YOU CRAZY?”   Meet the women giving the middle finger to South Korea’s pervasive culture of fat-shaming.  

Jihyun Kim
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Evolution K-Fashion: From Dongdaemun Alleys to the World

Midnight on a Friday: A time when most office workers are going home after their work and evening hoesik. But in Dongdaemun’s Shopping Town, the day is just starting. Giant malls like Nuzzon, whose only clients are wholesalers, come to life with the rising murmurs of the crowd. Wholesalers

Rachel Oh
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It's High Time: Korean-American Designers Inject Stoner Culture in K-Fashion

South Korea, education, religion, and marijuana. See the odd one out? Sundae School, a Seoul-based streetwear brand inspired by stoner culture, brings together these four seemingly-dissimilar elements into fashion. The young Korean-American siblings who founded the company have garnered attention in the U.S. since they launched the brand in

Jieun Choi
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Barber From Another Era

Opened in 1927, Seongwoo Barbershop is one of the oldest in South Korea. Its 68-year-old proprietor-cum-barber Lee Nam-yeol may also be one of the longest-running barbers in the country. Time seems to stand still here. Since Lee’s grandfather opened the shop under Japanese rule, Lee has kept most

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That Phenomenon of Couple Looks

Born and raised in South Korea, I still shudder at the sight of couples in matching outfits. Unfortunately, Seoul abounds with young, besotted pairs donning unmistakably matched looks — usually wearing same t-shirts, hats or sneakers. Known for its edgy street style and overall appearance-obsessed culture, South Korea somehow doesn’

Yvonne Kim
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MCM: Pretty on the Outside, but Maybe Not the Inside

Like it or hate it, MCM and its flashy, repetitive designs are almost impossible to miss in the world of handbags and high-end streetwear. At least in South Korea — which, according to The Guardian, joins the ranks of China and Japan in each contributing about a third of MCM’s

Steven Borowiec
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What Was That Jacket Chung Yoo-ra Was Wearing?

When Chung Yoo-ra was brought out from hiding after being apprehended by police in Denmark, many questions swirled in South Korea about Chung and her role in the evolving scandal centered around her mother, Choi Soon-sil. Just how did Chung, a reputed ne’er do well with lackluster academic credentials,

Crystal Tai
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K-Fashion: Where Imitation Breeds Creativity

Scandinavian mass retailer H&M recently launched its “K-Fashion” limited edition collection, available only in Asia. The line, which aims to capitalize on the popularity of South Korean pop culture in regions like Hong Kong, China and Japan, features oversize sweatshirts with Mickey Mouse faces, Snoopy-patterned crew-neck tees and

Se-Woong Koo
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Surreal Exposure: Scenes from Seoul Fashion Week

Picture this: hundreds of young South Koreans milling around a courtyard, dressed in costumes you will probably never see anywhere else in Seoul, or all of South Korea for that matter. Sheer tops, sequined trousers and outerwear so generous in fabric allotment that collectively it could clothe the residents of