exposé [ɛkspoʊˈzeɪ]: A French noun meaning project or presentation. Also means to be exposed. In the English language, the word also refers to investigative journalism.


Korea Exposé began on August 15, 2014, as a platform for likeminded individuals who wanted to tell more in-depth stories about the Korean Peninsula in English. We found Western journalism about the region to be too often without substance. We also thought it a problem that many foreign journalists do not speak Korean nor have any insight into the country.

During its incarnation as a Seoul-based media outlet from 2017 to 2019 KÉ attempted to correct this situation by bringing together a diverse crowd of writers and video makers who grew up in Korea, spoke the language or studied it seriously. By featuring their content, we hoped to transcend both the simplistic coverage that characterises much of the foreign reporting.

This time KÉ is back primarily as a newsletter service for paying subscribers. The old KÉ content is all there, but twice- or thrice-weekly updates will add new content to this website. Korea is a dynamic, interesting country but the language barrier and different culture makes it difficult to understand it and its people. We are here to be the internet's No. 1 explainer for all things Korean.

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Se-Woong Koo