Tapgol Park

Jihyun Kim
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The Old Man’s Harbor

Everyday for the past twenty years, 78-year-old Kim Yun-sik has been going to Jongno in central Seoul. Around noon, he eats free lunch at the cafeteria where a Buddhist temple used to stand until the 1500s; until 5 p.m., he whiles away the time in Tapgol Park, and in

Steven Borowiec
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Heat Shelters Are So Hot Right Now

On its website, Seoul’s Gwangjin District has a map scattered with a total of 99 red pins that make the landscape look like it has broken out in heat rash. But contrary to its heated appearance, the red shapes denote air conditioned oases where people without other options can

Seohoi Stephanie Park
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Reporter's Notebook: Summer in Tapgol Park

As my colleague Jieun and I stepped into Tapgol Park in downtown Seoul, all eyes immediately turned to us: two young women in a space where elderly people come to spend their free time. Many approached with a smile, looking intrigued by our presence, but wary of the bulky camera

Jieun Choi
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Seoul's Seniors Seek Refuge in the City

For a behind-the-scenes glimpse, read Reporter’s Notebook: Summer in Tapgol Park. 

Daniel Corks
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Weekly Brief: Nov. 28th - Dec. 4th

Foreign residents banned from participating in nationwide rallies The weekly demonstrations have drawn enthusiastic crowds, but a reminder to foreign residents of South Korea: It’s illegal for them to participate. Immigration law bans non-citizens from any form of political activity. However, there’s a low chance of any negative