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Haeryun Kang
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Those Texts Between Samsung and S. Korean Journalists

“Dear respected Mr. Chang Choong-ki! …. I have finally mustered the courage to send you this text message, after hesitating again and again. My son XXX applied to the XXX department of Samsung Electronics…. His application number is 1XXXXXXX, and he graduated from XXX University with a degree

Se-Woong Koo
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Find the Missing Gay Emoticons on Samsung's Galaxy S8

After the debacle of Samsung Electronics’ combusting Galaxy Note 7, the company’s latest phone — Galaxy S8 — appears to have been launched successfully. Despite reports of minor technical defects, the reviews of the product have been positive, and pre-order sales of the S8 and S8+ have been Samsung’

Steven Borowiec
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Still Impenetrable: Samsung Heir Lee Jae-yong Avoids Arrest to Mixed Reactions

The months-long scandal that has convulsed the top ranks of South Korean politics and business took a turn in the early hours of Thursday, as a court declined to grant an arrest warrant for Lee Jae-yong, vice chairman of Samsung Electronics, the country’s most prominent company and the crown