Jihyun Kim
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The Old Man’s Harbor

Everyday for the past twenty years, 78-year-old Kim Yun-sik has been going to Jongno in central Seoul. Around noon, he eats free lunch at the cafeteria where a Buddhist temple used to stand until the 1500s; until 5 p.m., he whiles away the time in Tapgol Park, and in

Seohoi Stephanie Park
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Sex Workers Speak Out About S. Korea's Shadowy Underbelly

“Welcome to the land of morning calm. Alternative noraebangs are a shadowy decadent underbelly of South Korean society where soju and an hour of sex with a prostitute go hand in hand; both commodities can be bought cheaply and enjoyed frequently.” – July 26, 2016 by Korea Exposé In

Se-Woong Koo
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South Korean Men Busted and Shamed for Buying Sex in the Philippines

An 2013 essay in Weekly Donga, a current affairs magazine, is frank about why South Korean men go play golf in Southeast Asia: “The reason a wife is not happy about her husband leaving for Southeast Asia is because everything is done according to the rule.

Daniel Corks
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Weekly Brief: Sept. 19th - Sept. 25th

RIP, Baek Nam-gi Baek Nam-gi, the farmer knocked over by a police water cannon, has succumbed to his injuries (a skull fracture and brain hemorrhage) and passed away yesterday after being in a coma for the last 10 months. He was 69. As of press time there is a sit-up

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Samsung Sex Scandal: Illustrating Prostitution as Social Norm

South Korea has been rocked by the allegation that Lee Kun-hee, Chairman of South Korea’s all-powerful Samsung Group, paid to have sex with prostitutes at least five times. According to video footage obtained exclusively by Newstapa, an independent news outlet, Lee received women on three occasions at his residence

Chris P
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Room Salons: The Real Moral Scourge on South Korean Society

South Korea takes morals very seriously. From Enes Kaya’s TV fall from grace over alleged adultery to pop star Yoo Seung-jun’s apparent dodging of his military duty, South Korea is unforgiving when it comes to immoral behaviour. Christian groups protested against the recent gay pride festival, claiming to