political scandal

Jieun Choi
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Politicians, Taxpayers, Lemmings

A few weeks ago, on Jul. 16, North Chungcheong Province was deluged with almost 300 mm of torrential rain. Hundreds of homes were flooded and at least seven lives went missing, according to daily newspaper Hankook Ilbo. Two days later, four provincial lawmakers left for a 10-day trip to Europe,

Haeryun Kang
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Hong Joon-pyo and Pig Stimulant: "Which S Korean Man Doesn't Have a Story Like That?"

Just about every South Korean probably knows by now the story of the pig stimulant, even those who haven’t been following the South Korean presidential election. It’s the story of the Liberty Korea Party candidate Hong Joon-pyo’s youth, which first appeared in his 2005