Rachel Oh
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It's High Time: Korean-American Designers Inject Stoner Culture in K-Fashion

South Korea, education, religion, and marijuana. See the odd one out? Sundae School, a Seoul-based streetwear brand inspired by stoner culture, brings together these four seemingly-dissimilar elements into fashion. The young Korean-American siblings who founded the company have garnered attention in the U.S. since they launched the brand in

Ben Jackson
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Face-Eating 'Zombie' Probably Not on Drugs

It’s Monday morning, you’re back at work, tired and bored already and… what?! The top-trending news term on portal site Naver is “Zombie drug.” Irresistible. Click. Cue a string of headlines reporting a story originally run by broadcaster SBS, the gist of which is this: A Southeast Asian

Jieun Choi
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Marijuana Taboo in the “Drug-Free” Nation

T.O.P, a member of a K-pop boy group Big Bang, has been lighting up local headlines for… well, lighting up. He is being charged by South Korean prosecutors for smoking marijuana. Many people want him punished for this “indecent” behavior — according to South Korean law, he could

Emily Singh
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Drugs in South Korea: A Silent Crisis

In 2014, pop star Park Bom, of the group 2NE1 made headlines with her alleged drug usage back in October 2010. The singer had ordered 82 amphetamine pills labelled ‘gummy bears’ from the U.S. and dispatched them to her grandmother’s address in the port city of Incheon