Se-Woong Koo
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A New Trend in South Korea: Sleep

South Korea is often called the “ppali ppali” — or quickly, quickly — nation. Speed is of the essence, whether rushing to get things done at work, drinking (think of all the soju bombs for getting drunk faster) or simply walking from A to B. But after rapid economic development

Ben Jackson
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Colossal Mystery of Lotte World Tower Ad

Lotte Group, one of South Korea’s biggest chaebol (family-run conglomerates), raised eyebrows with a full-page advertisement on page five of The New York Times’s international edition on Monday. “Lotte World Tower Reveals the Unique Sky of Seoul” declared a headline at the top of what appeared

Jieun Choi
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China’s THAAD Revenge List

K-pop, Jeju Island, and Lotte candy — what do they all have in common? They’re all subject to China’s economic retaliation against South Korea over the decision to install Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD), a U.S-made missile defense system. Tensions keep rising, ranging from a recent