Ho Kyeong Jang
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Let Everyone Shine: South Korea To Abolish Decades-Long Disability Rating System

The Winter Paralympic Games, ending on Sunday, Mar. 18, have received generally positive, albeit less, fanfare than its Olympic counterpart. But outside the Paralympics, interest in the actual quality of life for disabled people is still low. Recently, the South Korean government finally proposed to remove the long-contested rating system

Ben Jackson
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Foreigners Rail at Korail's Two-track Olympic Booking Discrimination

With just a month to go until the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics open on Feb. 9, another issue is getting foreign visitors worked up. This time, it’s ticket bookings for the new KTX (high speed rail) line that connects Incheon International Airport, Seoul and key new stations in the Olympic

Seohoi Stephanie Park
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Forest Fire Alert: Where Was the Control Tower, Again?

With Moon Jae-in and the presidential election decorating the headlines, it’s easy to forget the natural disaster that hit South Korea last Saturday. Three wind-fed forest fires broke out independently in the northeastern region of the country, destroying over 300 hectares of forestland, evacuating over 500 people and mobilizing