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South Korea Migrant Workers Publicize Dire Work Conditions

In a viral video posted by Facebook page “Khmer people in Korea,” a migrant worker is violently beaten and abused by a man assumed to be his South Korean boss. It has reached more than 2 million views since July 13. The video shows the worker being forcefully dragged around,

Ben Jackson
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Prospects for Human Rights: Amnesty International Korea Compares Presidential Candidates

On Apr. 19, Amnesty International Korea (AIK) released the results of a survey assessing the human rights-related manifesto pledges of South Korea’s five leading presidential candidates. The veteran international NGO’s local office grilled the camps of Moon Jae-in of the Minjoo Party, Ahn Cheol-soo of the

Amnesty International Korea
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In Memory of Farmer Baek Nam-gi: Amnesty International Die-In Flash Mob Held

At 6:56 pm on the drizzly evening of Monday, Nov. 14, some 80 people stepped out in unison onto the pedestrian crossing at the Jongno District Office intersection in white raincoats and acted out the scene of falling to the ground. The white raincoats were reminiscent of those worn