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Steven Borowiec
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Baseballer Learns That on Social Media, It’s One Strike and You’re Out

Everyone occasionally gripes about their bosses or the politicians that run their country, right? But in 2017, such airing of frustrations is likely to take place on social media, with the risk of damning comments ending up being shared publicly for anyone to see. South Korean baseball player Kim Won-seok

Ben Jackson
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Who Is to Blame for Inequality? The Hell Joseon Debate Rumbles On

Middle-aged KAIST professor Lee Byung-tae found himself at the center of a social media furore of Trumpian proportions earlier last week after wading into the debate that is South Korea’s inter-generational divide. At 5:26 pm on Jul. 16, just minutes after posting links to articles on South Korea’

Yvonne Kim
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Facebook Page Excites Followers with Supremely Banal Content

In an era of impeccable Instagram feeds and constant new, exciting content, you wouldn’t expect a photo of kimchi on a small metal plate or damp towels hanging out to dry to rack up 500 likes on Facebook. But two weeks ago, one anonymous Facebook user launched the page