sexism in South Korea

Yvonne Kim
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50,000 Won for Loose Dogs, Public Smoking, and Death Threats

On Aug. 10, a South Korean broadcast jockey (BJ) live-streamed his quest to track down and “kill” a female YouTuber. But he’s not the only one being criticized online — netizens are just as angry and taken aback by the police who handled the case, by fining the jockey a

Jieun Choi
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The "Mrs. Kim" Cliché: Hyundai Motor's Ads Patronize Women

Kim-yeosa, or “Mrs. Kim,” is a widely known term in South Korea. It’s used to demean female drivers — often those of older generations — who are clumsy on the road. “There goes Mrs. Kim,” one might say, when a female driver doesn’t abide by