Kathy Yun
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Jeju: Museum Heaven or Tax Haven?

Driving around Jeju island and you’ll come across not just white sand beaches and UNESCO World Heritage sites but an endless succession of museums. In fact, tourists can choose from over 100, on themes as diverse as Greek mythology, seashells, African art, teddy bears, sex and health, and stone

Ben Jackson
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KÉ Interview: Young Pioneers for New Kind of Sex Ed

When Chopin wrote his Nocturne in E-flat major, Op. 9, No. 2 around 1830, he may not have anticipated that it would be used as the background music for a 2017 South Korean video that used pink balloons and lubricant to illustrate proper female masturbation techniques. But it was. Welcome

Emily Singh
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Drugs in South Korea: Sex, Sales and Crackdowns

In 2004, comedian Noh Hong-chul, perhaps best known around the world as the “elevator man” in Psy’s “Gangnam Style” music video, published a confessional essay stating that he once got a girl drunk while in high school in order to have sex with

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Samsung Sex Scandal: Illustrating Prostitution as Social Norm

South Korea has been rocked by the allegation that Lee Kun-hee, Chairman of South Korea’s all-powerful Samsung Group, paid to have sex with prostitutes at least five times. According to video footage obtained exclusively by Newstapa, an independent news outlet, Lee received women on three occasions at his residence

Chris P
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Room Salons: The Real Moral Scourge on South Korean Society

South Korea takes morals very seriously. From Enes Kaya’s TV fall from grace over alleged adultery to pop star Yoo Seung-jun’s apparent dodging of his military duty, South Korea is unforgiving when it comes to immoral behaviour. Christian groups protested against the recent gay pride festival, claiming to

Chris P
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A Night at the Gay Sauna: Where Desire Comes Out

It is Friday night. Down one alley of a busy shopping and entertainment district of Seoul, young men move through what appear to be closed doors of a dilapidated building. A slow trickle of customers — some dressed in suits, others as hipsters — enter the inconspicuous establishment, seeking to

Se-Woong Koo
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Men Who Yearn to Be Erect, and the Women Who Bear Them

He leans in and caresses her face. He plants his lips on hers. She opens her eyes wide, looking utterly surprised. Then she gives in, chastely closing her eyes as she keeps herself perfectly still. When I get around to watching a South Korean drama, this is more or less