Gyoon Heo
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Why I Decline 'North Korean Defector' Interview Requests

Over the past few years, journalists from all sorts of global media have contacted me to get my ‘defector point of view’ on all things North Korean. And the current inter-Korean drama has been yet another occasion. A famous European TV station crew, flying to South Korea for the Apr.

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KÉ Weekend Journalism School: 2018 Winter Curriculum

Korea Exposé invites you to join our journalism winter school! Whether you want to become a serious journalist, whether you want to write about social and cultural issues in English, or whether you just want to improve your English, all are welcome! YOU WILL GET: Valuable insights into how English-language

Steven Borowiec
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Nameless and Faceless

Last year, students at Pusan National University treated campus cleaning and security staff to a meal and some live music, in an event titled “We’re happy because of your effort.” Local newspaper Busan Ilbo was on the scene, and quoted someone from the university as saying, “We hope the