plastic surgery in South Korea

Seohoi Stephanie Park
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Sex Workers Speak Out About S. Korea's Shadowy Underbelly

“Welcome to the land of morning calm. Alternative noraebangs are a shadowy decadent underbelly of South Korean society where soju and an hour of sex with a prostitute go hand in hand; both commodities can be bought cheaply and enjoyed frequently.” – July 26, 2016 by Korea Exposé In

Jieun Choi
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"Becoming Prettier": K-pop MV Chronicles Girl Group's Plastic Surgery

Four girls in skintight pink bodysuits march into a surgery room. One of them lies down and closes her eyes, as blinding white light gleams from the surgical headlights above her. Then, a long beep and brief silence, followed by a catchy beat with these lines: “I’m

Katrin Park
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A Nation as Beautiful as a Rolex Knockoff

I only recently saw the photos of 20 remarkably identical-looking Miss Korea contestants. The shots of these polished young women inspire both horror and confusion. They look like they were made from the same cookie cutter, mass-produced at some beauty queen factory, like the same model iPhones in a Chinese