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What Facts About South Korea Surprise Foreigners?

Check out this seafood paella and steak pizza from South Korean restaurant franchise Mr. Pizza. It’s topped with shrimp, squid, scallop, steak, calamari, camembert, gouda, mozzarella, melon mango cheese (whatever that is), cream sauce, ranch sauce, and a handful of vegetables. Seafood paella and steak pizza from Mr.Pizza.

Jieun Choi
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What a British Food Critic Doesn't Know About Korean Food

Arguably the most reputable restaurant guide in the world, the Michelin Guide is a matter of life and death for some seasoned chefs. Earning a star not only drives hundreds of eager gourmets to the restaurant, but also vests the chef with a sense of accomplishment. The debut of the

Yvonne Kim
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Facebook Page Excites Followers with Supremely Banal Content

In an era of impeccable Instagram feeds and constant new, exciting content, you wouldn’t expect a photo of kimchi on a small metal plate or damp towels hanging out to dry to rack up 500 likes on Facebook. But two weeks ago, one anonymous Facebook user launched the page