Ben Jackson
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Hyundai's Hydrogen Dream

“We believe hydrogen energy is the key to a more sustainable world.” “If you’re going to pick an energy storage mechanism, hydrogen is…incredibly dumb.” The first of these quotes is from South Korean carmaker Hyundai Motor Company (HMC), which this month launched the Nexo, its brand new hydrogen

Juwon Park
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South Korea’s Rigid Work Culture Trickles Down to Young Startups

Just as he was thinking of heading home for the day from his job at a South Korean startup, Marco Kwak’s manager called him over to his desk. He asked Kwak whether he saw other people working and whether he still wanted to go home even after that. Kwak

Se-Woong Koo
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KÉ Interview: Building an App to Engage Young People in Politics

Many young South Koreans have taken to calling their country “Hell Joseon” because they see no hope in it. The job market is getting exceedingly competitive, and corporate culture, not to mention social relations in general, is rigidly hierarchical. But South Korea is also becoming known for its thriving start-up