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Is North Korean Different From South Korean?

How different is the language of North Korea from that of South Korea? Are there syntactic and grammatical differences due to the isolation of North Korea? In 2004, North and South Korea made a historic agreement to compile a “grand dictionary of the national language” (Gyeoremal-keunsajeon). Historically hostile relations between

Ben Jackson
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Alpabet or Alphabet? The Case for a New Hangeul

“I heard from the horse’s mouth it’s the most scientific alphabet in the world,” I once overheard a South Korean student say as he showed a Westerner a display on Hangeul, Korea’s indigenous alphabet, at the National Museum of Korea. Get over it, I thought, annoyed at

Haeryun Kang
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Poems From South Korea: Halmeonis Learn Hangul for the First Time

My halmeoni — “grandmother” in Korean as she is affectionately called — never studied beyond elementary school. In her family, education was reserved for the eldest male child; she helped out with farming and domestic duties. For most of my life, I didn’t even know she was