Steven Borowiec
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Non-Korean White-Collar Jobs Still Limited to Language Skills

Before entering the Job Fair for Foreign Residents in 2017, each foreigner filled out a form and was outfitted with a lanyard that displayed a version of their name written in the Korean Hangeul script, with their country of origin in a smaller font below. Few events can rival job

Yvonne Kim
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South Korea Drops HIV Screening of Foreigners, but Stigma Remains

The Ministry of Justice announced earlier this month that English teachers will no longer be screened for HIV during the visa application process to be eligible to enter and stay in South Korea. The decision comes 10 years after the government changed its visa policies for foreign English teachers, in

Daniel Corks
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Weekly Brief: Nov. 28th - Dec. 4th

Foreign residents banned from participating in nationwide rallies The weekly demonstrations have drawn enthusiastic crowds, but a reminder to foreign residents of South Korea: It’s illegal for them to participate. Immigration law bans non-citizens from any form of political activity. However, there’s a low chance of any negative

Se-Woong Koo
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Say You Love Kimchi, And Nothing Else If You Want in

When a Palestinian student — an avid K-Pop fan at the time — said to me some years ago that she wanted to visit South Korea, I told her she should just videotape herself in her usual hijab and abaya gushing “I love Korea. I love kimchi”. Then the government