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K-pop 101: Why Do Artists Keep Singing "Niga"?

Don’t worry, it has nothing to do with the N-word. Niga (니가) in Korean literally means ‘you.’ More specifically, 니 (ni) means ‘you’; 가 (ga) is a particle that indicates the noun attached to it is the subject of the sentence. K-pop, which stands for Korean popular music, is

Youjin Do
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Let's Talk About Depression Differently

In a country plagued with high suicide rates, there is still surprisingly a lack of informed awareness about mental health. Pervasive stigma surrounds depression and therapy. The former is still commonly perceived lightly as a passing mood, an exaggeration, a passing abnormality; there is little awareness about the usefulness of

Ho Kyeong Jang
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EXO Star's Prejudice of Depression is a Korean Prejudice

It had been less than two weeks since Jonghyun, a member of K-pop group SHINee, died, when a popular K-pop idol came under fire for making insensitive comments about depression, the illness thought to have plagued Jonghyun’s final days. At a fan event on Dec. 30, EXO member Baekhyun

Katelyn Hemmeke
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Planting Rainforests and Donating Rice: The Fascinating World of K-pop Fandom

For approximately $35,000, you can plant 27,500 trees to help preserve the Brazilian rainforest. But this isn’t just the work of environmentalists — it’s also the work of K-pop fans. It’s a legendary story in K-pop fandom. 2012 marked the 20th debut anniversary of Seo Taiji