Steven Borowiec
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Daeri Unjeon: South Korea's Driver Rental Service

Like most youngish South Koreans, Kim Min-seob is spending his Friday evening seated with his neck craned downward, glued to his smartphone. But Kim isn’t scrolling through social media feeds or looking out for text messages from friends or love interests. He’s looking for his next driving gig.

Yvonne Kim
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Viral Crash Footage Prompts Questions About Drowsy Driving

In a viral video from July 9, a blue bus first crashes into, then entirely crushes and shatters a white sedan on a highway through Seoul. A car to the right swerves to avoid the scene, only to hit another car and flip over onto its top. The 51-year-old driver

Jinho Nam
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Combating Bad Parking, With One Sticker at a Time

On the sidewalk and blocking the pedestrian crossing. One example of rampant illegal parking in South Korea (Source: koreanparking.tumblr.com) There is no other way to say it: South Korea’s car culture is chaotic. Drivers frequently blast through red lights, make abrupt lane changes without signaling, speed