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Jieun Choi
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Before Criticizing South Koreans Eating Dog, Know the Context First

TL;DR: Many countries eat dog, not just South Korea. There are a lot of problems within the industry, which is barely regulated, but the problem isn’t as simple as South Korea rooting out the custom altogether. Neither is the problem just about a ‘backward, barbaric’ culture. Here’s

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Haeryun Kang: Writing About Dog Meat for Al Jazeera

Managing editor Haeryun Kang contributed an article about the status of dog meat culture in South Korea. Read her Al Jazeera story, “Olympics Brings Focus on South Korea’s Dog-Meat Culture.”

Haeryun Kang
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Dog Meat: Not Your K-Food Poster Child

Dog meat is a part of Korean cuisine and as well-known internationally as kimchi, but unlike kimchi, it’s not not on any K-food poster. Understandably so. It’s an ugly pus in South Korea’s global branding machine, and it resurfaces whenever there’s a

Se-Woong Koo
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Is the End Near for South Korea's Largest Dog Meat Market?

When South Koreans hear “Moran Market,” they usually think of one thing: dog meat. Moran Market is the country’s largest distribution outlet for dog meat. Located in Seongnam just south of Seoul, it is home to 22 dog meat suppliers and facilities for caging and slaughtering dogs. Some

Daniel Corks
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Weekly Brief: Dec. 12th - 18th

Nicaragua breaks up protest at South Korean-owned factory Normally union-friendly Nicaragua stamped down on a union protest at a South Korean-owned factory after workers complained about working conditions. The company fired the union leadership and called the police, who detained a dozen workers. The two countries signed an FTA just