Bryan Betts
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Last Murmurations of a Destroyed Wetland

Once, you could stand in the middle of the Saemangeum estuary at low tide and look out on a vast expanse of shimmering gray mud seemingly as boundless as the ocean itself, a landscape pockmarked with thousands of tiny volcanoes and home to diverse species of wildlife. All of that

Ben Jackson
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Pretty and Polluted: Jeju Overfilling With Tourists

2011 was a busy year for the civil servants of Jeju Island. South Korea’s most famous island — bar Dokdo — had made the shortlist for the so-called “new seven wonders of nature.” With no restrictions on the number of telephone votes cast by each individual, Jeju’s public

Steven Borowiec
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Corruption Suspicions Another Hiccup in Massive U.S. Military Relocation

Suspected corruption in South Korea threatens to undermine what has been called the largest construction project in the history of the U.S. Department of Defense. The U.S. military is currently undertaking a massive relocation of its forces out of bases in and north of Seoul and toward

Se-Woong Koo
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End of Itaewon As We Know Nears

Rendering of Hannam Newtown District 3 as it would look after redevelopment (courtesy of Seoul Metropolitan Government) Itaewon in central Seoul is one of South Korea’s most diverse and interesting neighborhoods. American soldiers from the nearby military base are a fixture. Diplomats from around the world are stationed at

Daniel Corks
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South Korean Construction Industry Silent on Worker Abuse in Gulf States

Editor’s Note: As South Korean companies become globally competitive, more stories about how some of them may be disregarding international labor and human rights standards are surfacing. We share this statement from Business and Human Rights Resource Centre, an NGO which hopes to elicit a response