Jieun Choi
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Crime and Punishment of Juvenile Delinquency

When a gory photo of a kneeling 14-year-old girl covered in blood appeared on Facebook, it immediately went viral. The photo, posted on a page that receives anonymous submissions on issues regarding Busan, was reportedly taken by a girl of the same age, one of the two teens that had

Haeryun Kang
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Sleep Forever: The Morbid Road Signs in S. Korea

I love driving through the Gyeongbu Highway, cruising the five or so hours from Seoul down to Busan. There are plenty of rest stops, gas stations and stretches of rice fields encased by the mountains. At this time of the year, the rice fields are emerald green, with spots of

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Gamcheon Culture Village: Hilltop Slum Turned Tourist Attraction

Gamcheon in South Korea’s biggest port city Busan was once a hilltop slum. Thanks to an unusual move by a group of villagers, artists and local officials, it is now a picture pretty collection of art studios, shops and residence buildings and a major tourist attraction. A hilltop slum