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Youjin Do
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"Black Protests" Call End to Outdated Abortion Law

These “black protesters” want to put an end to South Korea’s outdated abortion law, which activists argue places most of the burden on women, who must not only bear the brunt of the pregnancy, but also face the social stigma and shame surrounding abortion.   Abortion

Jihyun Kim
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The Old Man’s Harbor

Everyday for the past twenty years, 78-year-old Kim Yun-sik has been going to Jongno in central Seoul. Around noon, he eats free lunch at the cafeteria where a Buddhist temple used to stand until the 1500s; until 5 p.m., he whiles away the time in Tapgol Park, and in

Jieun Choi
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How S. Korea's Abandoned Schools Return to Life

Perched in the highlands of Gangwon Province, Hwacheon is a rural county within reach of the armistice line between South and North Korea. Some parts are as close as nine kilometers from the demilitarized zone; unit after unit of troops stands in the county’s silent mountain ranges, in areas