Jieun Choi
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Grilled Pork Belly: A South Korean Love Story

Near Exit 6 of Jongno 3-ga station in Seoul is an area famous for its barbeque joints. As an alley gives way to a three-way intersection, easily two dozen eateries overflow with patrons flipping samgyeopsal slices and pouring soju shots. “I’ve been sourcing pork belly from the same farmers

Eddie Park
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Pojangmacha: Tent Nostalgia

In Seoul’s central Jongno District lies one of the city’s last pojangmacha alleys.  Every day around late afternoon, hired workers take apart around two dozen wheeled carts lining both sides of the alley. Tents are thrown over steel frames; five-gallon oil containers filled to the brim with

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What Facts About South Korea Surprise Foreigners?

Check out this seafood paella and steak pizza from South Korean restaurant franchise Mr. Pizza. It’s topped with shrimp, squid, scallop, steak, calamari, camembert, gouda, mozzarella, melon mango cheese (whatever that is), cream sauce, ranch sauce, and a handful of vegetables. Seafood paella and steak pizza from Mr.Pizza.

Yvonne Kim
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When It Comes to Hangovers, South Koreans Follow Their Gut: Haejang Traditions

A night of heavy drinking can sometimes be the cause of some serious homesickness while abroad. Back in my suburban university town in the States, it’s not uncommon to see the one local Korean restaurant packed on Saturday mornings, full of students trying to put their queasiness to rest