Chris P
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KÉ Interview: Growing up Gay and Korean

On Saturday, Jul. 14, the 19th Seoul Queer Parade will take place, drawing thousands of people from South Korea’s vibrant queer community, as well as supporters and opponents of LGBT rights. Just before last year’s event, Korea Exposé contributor Chris P sat down with Choi Han-min (not

Ho Kyeong Jang
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P(r)aying for Bigotry at Handong University

“Homosexuality is not just any crime. It’s a serious problem that tries to change laws, systems, society and culture and corrupt our children.” Jei Yanggyu, a professor at Handong University, voiced such concerns on the university’s internal website on Dec. 23. “If Handong loses its identity as

Daniel Corks
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Battle Over South Korea's Constitutional Reform Focuses on LGBT Rights

On Sep. 2, 2017, there was a rally in downtown Gwangju the likes of which the city had never seen before. Streets were blocked off and a large stage was set up in the heart of the city. With drummers, dancers, and singers, at a glance it didn’t look

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ké cast S1 E1: Anal Sex Taboo

What is the anal sex taboo in South Korea? Host Bruce Harrison and Korea Exposé CEO and co-founder Se-Woong Koo talk about homophobia in South Korea.  Listen to this episode on YouTube, iTunes, Google Play, etc or download the audio on AudioBoom.  Some conservative groups here fear

Haeryun Kang
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KÉ Interview: Singing Against Homophobia

In the middle of Unnie Choir’s last number, Enan Ahn started to cry. She was one of the fifteen women singing “Into the New World,” a 2007 single by K-pop group Girls’ Generation. The lyrics were admittedly corny — “there’s no use in waiting for a miracle, it’

Ben Jackson
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Military Prosecutors Seek Jail Sentence for Gay Soldier

South Korea’s military prosecutors are seeking a two-year prison sentence for “Lieutenant A,” a soldier accused of having anal intercourse with a colleague. A military court is due to pass sentence on May 24. Lieutenant A is thought to have been caught as part of the army’