Daniel Corks
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Battle Over South Korea's Constitutional Reform Focuses on LGBT Rights

On Sep. 2, 2017, there was a rally in downtown Gwangju the likes of which the city had never seen before. Streets were blocked off and a large stage was set up in the heart of the city. With drummers, dancers, and singers, at a glance it didn’t look

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ké cast S1 E1: Anal Sex Taboo

What is the anal sex taboo in South Korea? Host Bruce Harrison and Korea Exposé CEO and co-founder Se-Woong Koo talk about homophobia in South Korea.  Listen to this episode on YouTube, iTunes, Google Play, etc or download the audio on AudioBoom.  Some conservative groups here fear

Se-Woong Koo
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South Korean Evangelicals' Anal Obsession

“They enter into carnal relations with multiple people several times a night, and wipe the semen, shit, blood, and lymphatic fluid from anal sex with discarded towels on the floor. Each morning the whole room is full of such towels and condoms covered in blood and feces. […] They reuse the