Jieun Choi
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Was Chuseok Ever Fun?

Between Sep. 29 and Oct. 9, more than two million passengers used Incheon Airport, South Korea’s main international travel hub. It set a record for the normally busy facility.  What made the traffic all the more special is that it coincided with Chuseok, one of the country&

Haeryun Kang
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Nothing Says Chuseok Quite Like Spam

Half a century ago, most South Koreans would never have imagined that in the 21st century, canned meat from the U.S. — not exactly seen as a culinary delicacy in its motherland — would be the most popular gift for Chuseok, the Korean holiday marking the harvest season. Back

Yun Ha Kim
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The Enemy Is Within Our Ranks

Two narratives generally dominate the portrayal of South Korea’s most important holidays, Chuseok (the Autumn Harvest) and Seollal (the Lunar New Year), which was just last week. There’s the happy narrative: Extended families get together to celebrate over traditional home-cooked Korean dishes; smiling celebrities in hanbok promote the

Daniel Corks
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Weekly Brief: Sept.12th - Sept. 18th

Shockwaves felt around the country In the aftermath of a 5.1 earthquake and a 5.8 aftershock that hit the south-eastern part of the country on Monday, politicians of all stripes criticized the government’s slow response and the limitations of the current alert system (which notifies citizens via