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Jieun Choi
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Before Criticizing South Koreans Eating Dog, Know the Context First

TL;DR: Many countries eat dog, not just South Korea. There are a lot of problems within the industry, which is barely regulated, but the problem isn’t as simple as South Korea rooting out the custom altogether. Neither is the problem just about a ‘backward, barbaric’ culture. Here’s

Steven Borowiec
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When the Moons Align: Black Bears Back to the Wild

Asiatic black bears occupy a special place in Korean folklore. The cute creatures, called ‘moon bears’ due to the crescent of white fur on their chests, appear as characters in stories, and cartoon depictions of moon bears were chosen as the mascot for the Paralympics held in Seoul in 1988

ké radar
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Another Dolphin Death In South Korea's Aquariums

On its website, Geoje Sea World, an aquarium and marine theme park, describes itself as “second to none in Korea,” a place “expressly designed for cultivating interactive and mutual relationships between human-beings and marine mammals.” Geoje Sea World offers a variety of programs that allow people to swim in pools