Erik Thurman commemorates the tragic murder in Gangnam six months ago to highlight the continuing problem of misogyny in South Korea

Misogyny in South Korea: Murder in Gangnam


Editor’s Note:

Last week was the six-month anniversary of the murder of a young woman near Gangnam Station. The murder sparked an explosive discussion in South Korean society about rampant misogyny. This comic strip is the first in a three-part installment that discusses feminism and gender inequality since the Gangnam murder in May. 


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Correction: The comic mistakenly portrays professor Hong Seong-su’s gender as female. He is a male professor of law at Sookmyung Women’s University in Seoul. 

Author/illustrator Erik Thurman is an award-nominated creator who specializes in comics journalism and nonfiction comics about current political and social issues. He is based in Seoul, Korea.