KÉ Journalism Summer School Opens

KÉ Journalism Summer School Opens



Korea Exposé invites aspiring students and college grads to join our journalism summer school!

Whether you want to become a serious journalist, whether you want to write about social and cultural issues in English, or whether you just want to improve your English, all are welcome!


  • Valuable insights into how English-language journalism operates
  • A chance to network with working journalists who write for big names in the industry
  • Know-how of producing news articles
  • A polished portfolio containing 5 articles with journalist feedback
  • A chance to publish on Korea Exposé
  • A possible internship at Korea Exposé after the program

No previous experience or education required. You just need a laptop, a reporter’s notebook, a smartphone and fluency in Korean and English.

  • Time: July 18 – August 10 / Tuesdays and Thursdays 13:00 – 17:00
  • Instructors: Se-Woong Koo (July 18 – July 27), Haeryun Kang (August 1 – August 10) 
  • Participants: max. 10 per class
  • Fee: 800,000 won / 8 classes (payable to Woori Bank,1005-703-169560)

KÉ summer journalism school




The classes will focus intensively on actual reporting, writing and editing. Students will be expected to approach strangers, talk to sources on the phone, and produce short articles every session and a long-term feature story. Quality articles will be published on Korea Exposé.

Class 1 (Jul 18): Introduction: How to find and pitch a story

Class 2 (Jul 20): Basics of research: fact-checking, finding the right sources, interviewing

Class 3 (Jul 25): What is good journalism? / Guest lecture on covering North Korea (Steven Borowiec/Al Jazeera & Korea Exposé)

Class 4 (Jul 27): Blurring the lines: Opinion writing & journalism in the age of social media / Guest lecture on the changing media landscape in South Korea (Kang Jeong-soo/Mediati)

Class 5 (Aug 1): Reporting in the field & man-on-the-street interviews / Guest lecture on working in video (Beom Soo Kim/Cinnamon)

Class 6 (Aug 3): Covering big institutions: government, chaebols, K-pop / Guest lecture on covering Samsung (YouKyung Lee/AP)

Class 7 (Aug 8): Dealing with sensitive subjects / Guest lecture on covering the Sewol by Steven Borowiec (Steven Borowiec/Al Jazeera & Korea Exposé)

Class 8 (Aug 10): Long-term feature presentation / final wrap-up


Instructors and Guest Lecturers

Se-Woong KooSe-Woong Koo, instructor / Publisher and Co-founder @ Korea Exposé

haeryun kangHaeryun Kang, instructor / Managing Editor @ Korea Exposé

Ben Jackson, guest lecturer / Environment Editor @ Korea Exposé

Steven Borowiec, guest lecturer / Politics Editor @ Korea Exposé

YouKyung Lee, guest lecturer / Journalist @ Associated Press

Kang Jeong-sooJeong-soo Kang, guest lecturer / Founder @ Mediati

Beom Soo KimBeom Soo Kim, guest lecturer / Founder @ Cinnamon

For more information, contact us on our Facebook page at KÉ Journalism School, or email us at editor[at]koreaexpose[dot]com. 

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