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In a city so big, with so many people, it’s ironic that meeting others and having interesting conversations are harder to come by. Be KÉ:connected, a networking event organized by journalists at Korea Exposé. 


Here are some people you’ll be meeting:

“I was an equity investment analyst until two years ago. I used to work with American investment banks. Now I am at a Korean company. I read a lot in English — articles, reports and presentation slides — but hardly speak English any more. I am interested in KÉ:connected because I want to keep my English level up. And networking is also important to me. I like different issues but I am most comfortable with talking about the economy and business. I plan to join the session in Gangnam.”

– Yunice YoungKyoung Kim, general manager of an e-commerce company

“It wasn’t an easy decision for me to launch KÉ:connected. I don’t like pointless stuff, whether publicity or business schemes. But I have thought for a long time that it would be great to create a place for people from different backgrounds to meet and discuss the issues they face in South Korea. Koreans have insider knowledge, and non-Koreans can see things that natives might miss, and yet it’s rare to see them come together to talk about the country with raw honesty. I hope KÉ Connected will be that place.”

– Se-Woong Koo, co-founder and publisher of Korea Exposé

For more information on the event and its participants, go to KÉ:connected Facebook

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