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Where We Stand

Dear readers,

Korea Exposé has reached a critical juncture. That’s why we’re reaching out to you to ask for your help in keeping this project going in the form of monthly donations.

KÉ was created in order to deliver in-depthfact-checked and nuanced journalism that goes beyond clichés and superficial analyses about the Korean Peninsula.

Our aim has always been to be the go-to English-language source for news about the region, and earn the trust of readers worldwide through content (articles, videos, podcasts and newsletters) that resonates with audiences across borders.

What started off as a conversation over drinks in 2014 transformed into a website and, in a short amount of time, a fully fledged and independent media startup.

In the past three and a half years, we’ve covered a variety of issues relating to culturepolitics, and society — topics that would have otherwise gone unnoticed, been neglected by other media, or are simply uncomfortable to talk about.

Between 2015-2017, media from around the world quoted us hundreds of times, in outlets including The GuardianThe New York TimesLA TimesThe Washington PostBBCThe New YorkerAl JazeeraForbesThe Wall Street JournalQuartzLe MondeDer StandardTRT Worldand more.

KÉ is on its way to setting the standard for the international conversation on Korea. We are proud of our access to sources, fluency in the Korean language, and deep familiarity with the region that enable us to carry out our work.

We are very grateful for the loyal group of readers who have given us the encouragement and determination to continue what we do.

Why We Need You

This is where you come in.

We have launched this Patreon donation page to seek funding for KÉ. It’s simple: Donate on a monthly basis as much as you think is reasonable for what you are getting. No amount is too small. Your support and contributions will be tremendously appreciated.

Become a Patron!

The fact of the matter is, we, like many other media, do not generate profit for producing high-qualityfree-for-all content. Sure, there are several ways of monetizing, but these are by no means enough to keep a small start-up running.

There is advertising, but we would rather not bombard you with ads. We have come to accept some forms of sponsored content, so long as these are clearly labeled as such and abide by our ethical standards. We are venturing into organizing paid events, but these are limited to Seoul for the time being. All things considered, these do not guarantee our independent operation.

We are hoping to raise a minimum of $10,000 a month in order to maintain our team of part/full-time editors, writers, videographers and interns.

Thus far, we have been dependent on our primary investor and incubator Mediati, which has generously funded our venture and given us a working office space. We extend our gratitude to them for believing in us.

We hope you will join our project and help us grow into an important voice in the world of Korea-focused reporting, and continue innovative journalism in an independentcritical, and unbound manner.

We thank you for your continued support.

From all of us at Korea Exposé.

P.S. For other forms of donations, check out this link for more information

KOREA EXPOSÉ Editorial Team

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