When foreign media runs articles about the Korean Peninsula, many of them rehash the familiar clichés—about North Korea as an evil dictatorship, about South Korea’s education zeal, and about plastic surgery and other ‘weird’ things that Koreans reportedly do—without much in-depth insight.

If you pay attention to foreign-language reporting about the Korean Peninsula, you must have seen this reality at one point or another.

Korea Exposé began four and a half years ago with the idea of addressing this gross deficiency. We wanted to create a credible source of information and analysis about the region, but using accessible language. Our intention was also to have Koreans or at least those who can communicate directly with Koreans tell stories about the Koreas.

Since the site’s beginning, public reception has been phenomenal. At one point it drew around a quarter million unique visitors worldwide each month. While South Korea (26 percent) and the U.S. (27 percent) accounted for big portions of those readers, our reach was felt even in Southeast Asia (16.4 percent) and Europe (5 percent). Korea Exposé quickly became a trusted source even for foreign journalists, being quoted more than 200 times by international media. Korea Exposé contents are being used as teaching materials in university-level courses.

Unfortunately, the site is now at risk of closing despite its successes.

Our operation was funded primarily by Mediati, a Seoul-based startup incubator, until early 2018. That support is no longer available and our content production has suffered in part due to the lack of a business model. Now we are betting our hopes on creating a new funding model based on donor contributions.

Korea Exposé has been proud to feature writings that the general public can appreciate, but we now plan to broaden the pool of contributors to experts in Korean Studies who can provide deeper insights and speak with authority on Korean issues.


This is how you can help:

  • Become a monthly donor to Korea Exposé. We have reopened our Patreon page for donations.
  • Please let others know that their financial contribution can really help revive the site.
  • Contribute your expertise to Korea Exposé as a writer (1200-1600 words). We welcome expert insight on any aspect of Korean society from diverse disciplines and areas of focus.
  • Visit our website and tell your friends and acquaintances about Korea Exposé so that our traffic and influence can grow.

We have already built a strong reputation as the go-to source on Korean issues. We are confident that with your help Korea Exposé can become the preeminent English-language news site for the region. Our current goal is to raise 5,000 USD a month, which we believe will be sufficient to pay minimum operational costs to ensure three content postings each week.

Korea Exposé is indispensable. At a time when international interest in Korea is rising, legacy media still fails to cover the country with any depth. The situation demands an alternative media outlet, one that is truly capable of reporting on the region. 

Thank you, and we look forward to your support.